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The Pulsar 900 is the most advanced and portable system on the market in this price range.

Hardware Features

¨  50 ohm impedance.

¨ TLP Current to 20A into a short.

¨ Pulse Polarity is switched +/- 1200 Volts .

¨ Pulse width variable from 4ns to 300ns.

¨ Easy Wafer Level characterization with most any probe station.

¨ Wafer and Package level testing.

¨ VF-TLP Pulse capability.

¨ Pulse rise times of ~500ps to 10ns.

¨ Current vs. Leakage displays.

¨ Integrated curve trace.

¨ Up to 10 optional bias supplies!

¨ Semi-automated calibration routine.

¨ Custom rise times and pulse widths available.

¨ Windows XP®, Vista® and soon to be released Windows 7®

New SQP features:

· Multipoint leakage

· Traces at selected locations along a TLP curve (integrated with the TLP test).

· Pulse delay for combining pulses in VF-TLP.

· Automated Signatone prober integration.


- UP to 10 bias supplies

- Variable external rise time filters

- Automated Pulse curve tracing

- 600MHz or 1GHz 4 channel Oscilloscope

- Wafer test kit with probes and GSG probes

- Higher Pulse Current

- Available with Rigol 600MHz or 1GHz Scope, will work with most manufacturer.

- HBM Module
- Easily fits near any wafer or socket

System Consists of:

- SQP Pulsar 900 with computer.

- All necessary connectors.

- SORZ self calibration Unit.

- A full 18 month warranty.




Sotware Highlights
  • Adjustable Data Collection Window

  • Auto or manual scale plot axis.

  • Zoom Control.

  • Superimpose leakage data onto pulse current vs. Voltage data.

  • Concurrent display of multiple sets of data.

  • Intuitive test file data storage and retrieval.

  • Display multiple data sets.

  • On resistance easily displayed and calculated.