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Frequently Asked Questions

Typical TLP questions are answered here.

Q: [Is this the same system we have seen offered by other manufactures and in used by various companies in the past?]
A: [This is the very same TLP system that many customers have purchased and seen as on OEM TLP system from another major vendor in the ESD community.]

Q: [What does it mean when a TLP system has a fast risetime?]
A: [When good quality (low dispersion, low attenuation) transmission lines are employed to deliver pulses from an optimized switch, it is possible to provide very fast risetime pulses to a DUT that is connected directly across the end of the transmission line. However, since current cannot instantaneously change across an inductor, the series inductance introduced by a leaded breakout greatly reduces the rate at which current can increase at the DUT.  Consequently, a 200ps risetime capability of any TLP system may only produce a 700ps to 1ns current risetime at the DUT, for breakout lead lengths of 2-3cm.  Anyone considering the purchase of a TLP system needs to contemplate this tradeoff; choosing between paying a premium to get a system with sub 200ps risetime when a 500ps system may be more than adequate.] 

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